I am a writer, actor, extremely amateur videographer, and recovering lawyer. If asked to describe myself in a single word, I would probably take a moment to ponder how different my life would be if I could honestly respond with “acrobat,” and then I would say “communicator.”

I write for several of my own blogs. I write copy for professional websites, including both website content and optimized blog posts. I act in Austin film productions. I perform in improv shows. I sing in the shower. I have a secret room in my house where I torture metaphors.

My love affair with the written word began long before I had the cognitive capacity or life experience to fully understand the meaning of “love affair.” My early years of writing fan fiction about Transformers led to a high school career writing haiku about spam. I went through the obligatory angst poetry phase, during which I identified every possible way, within the confines of the English language, to give voice to the darkness of the soul. I also discovered my love of solving problems, which led me to law school.

As adulthood inevitably took me, I found myself learning to write a new language: the language of Law, replete with “hereunders” and “thereafters.” Theater gave me an outlet for sarcasm during this time period. Some law students even let me write a play that several hundred people went to see.

Within days of learning that I had passed the Texas bar exam in 2002, I started my own law firm with two classmates. That experiment lasted a few years, and in 2005 I officially started my solo career. As a lawyer, I mean.

In all, the law was my full-time companion for close to nine years, during which time I met countless fascinating people and even more who were quite normal. I helped people through their life struggles, but I can’t tell you if those were interesting because of client confidentiality. Suffice it to say that I had many clients who breathed oxygen, ate food, and sometimes paid their bills.

The joys and travails of family litigation, including divorce, child custody, child support, child protective services, and an increasingly grim list of terms beginning with the word “child,” can take a toll on a young lawyer. I’m sure there’s a word for it. Maybe one day I’ll look that word up, but in the meantime, I decided to take some time to stretch my creative muscles. I had ventured into blogging and other social media beginning around 2006, maintaining a blog that at least two people read. By 2011, I knew it was time to flex those muscles again, so I began my freelance writing business.

I now enjoy an active online life that occasionally bleeds through to my real life. And I love to write.

© David C. Wells 2014